Thanksgiving is a change of pace holiday.  There are no gifts under the tree, no fireworks, no eggs to find.  There is food, and more food, and then some more food.  And there is family.  Brothers and sisters and parents we don’t see often enough.  There is yelling, and teasing, and laughing.  And there is love.  All the things a holiday should be, with none of the distractions.  Some people say you can’t go home again.  For me, it happens every Thanksgiving.


There are some words I like because they are just cool sounding words.  There are some I like because of what they mean, their definition.  One word I like for both reasons is homunculus.  It just sounds cool.  It means a tiny fully formed human.  Some people used to think that a homunculus was involved in conception.  Instead of sperm, a homunculus was injected into the female and just got bigger during pregnancy.  I am assuming they thought they were VERY tiny, or considerable screaming would have ensued.  But my question is this: what is the phrase to express my enjoyment of the definition of a word?  I enjoy it definitionaly?  Nope, not a word.  You would think it would be definitively, but that word is already taken.  Someone should have asked around before just grabbing a good word like definitively and then using it wrong.  I would petition to have it changed, but I think the costs involved in changing all the dictionaries would  be prohibitive.

Speaking about badly defined words, what about figuratively?  I enjoy that woman figuratively?  See what I mean?  Someone has been taking all these good words and screwing them up!

Right of way

Apparently, there are a lot of people who have never learned the rules of the road.  Or maybe they just forgot them.  Or maybe they are just stupid.  For all those people, let me explain a few things.  When you are sitting at an intersection with a traffic light, and the light facing you is red, you have to STOP.  In some states, you are allowed to turn right.  You DO NOT have the right of way.  That means, you have to yield to the people who DO have the right of way.  Those people would be the ones driving through the intersection with the green light facing them.  Those people have the right of way.  That means you should wait until they are past the intersection before you attempt to turn right on red.  DO NOT pull out in front of them and expect them to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting you.  That is considered bad form.  The same thing goes for pulling out into a street when you are at a stop sign and the crossing traffic does not have a stop sign.  This seems like a simple thing, doesn’t it?  If you have ever driven anywhere, you know it is not a simple thing because people do this every day.  Maybe they just think they are more important than everyone else.  Maybe they are just busy with their phone call, or texting, or picking their nose and don’t bother to look up.  Let me give those people a tip.  While there is no evidence of alien life on this planet, I am 100% sure that there are other beings on this planet driving cars.  There is a good possibility some of them will be on the road at the same time you are.  They would probably like to arrive safely at home without either hitting you or having a coronary worrying about hitting you, or in my case, raising my blood pressure 30 points while I scream at the top of my lungs and pray for the day when it is legal to shoot idiots like you.  So, if you are one of those people who have never learned the rules of the road, you can no longer claim ignorance.  If you forgot them, you have just been reminded.  If you think you are more important then everyone else, get over yourself.  If you are just stupid, then I guess you can’t be fixed.  Maybe you’ll meet another person like you going through the intersection and one of you will be eliminated from the gene pool.  Hmmm, I can feel my blood pressure returning to normal just thinking about it.


Divide and Conquer

I have to hand it to the dems.  They ran their campaign with a divide and conquer strategy, and it paid off.  They got people to blame all their problems on other groups of people.  Then the government blames all their problems on an administration that has been out of office for 4 years.  Obama says he didn’t realize how bad things were.  I suppose that is because he was living in a cave during the Bush years.  Wasn’t he a Senator?  Shouldn’t he have had some clue as to the status of the economy?  Or was he too busy voting “present” to pay attention to what was going on around him?

The only problem with approaching a campaign as a war to be won is that the thing you are dividing is a country, and the people you are going to war with are the people you are going to have to negotiate with after the election.  Hopefully the divide and conquer strategy didn’t end up being a scorch and burn campaign.

buy before you try

I guess I will stay with the female theme for a moment and get another rant off my chest.  If I wanted to buy a used car, and the salesman told me I wasn’t allowed to look at any cars until I paid for one, I would leave.  If I took my car in for repair and they presented a bill for $2500 before they did the work, and told me I had to pay it before they would do the repair or tell me what was broken, I would leave.  I think anyone would.  Why then, did Pelosi say “We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It“.  What planet is she from?  Does this pass for logic anywhere?  In this case, I think she should leave.