Semi-automatic weapons and media lies

I just can’t stand it anymore.  The anti-gun crowd along with the media are either brain-dead (which I don’t believe) or deliberately lying to the masses.  These people show fully automatic weapons (machine guns) or talk about guns spraying bullets everywhere, and then in the same sentence mention limiting access to semi-automatic weapons.  These guns are NOT semi-automatic.  Semi-automatic guns fire 1 bullet at a time.  1 BULLET!!!  You can hold the trigger in all day long and it won’t fire another bullet.  You pull the trigger, you get 1 bullet.  If you want to fire another bullet, you have to release the trigger, then pull it again.  The reason it is called semi-automatic is because you don’t have to cock the hammer after every shot.  Fully automatic weapons will continue to fire bullets with a single trigger pull.  These are commonly referred to as machine guns.  These types of guns are already illegal in almost every state.  Most people own semi-automatic weapons.  They are the most commonly used weapons for self-defense.  These are the types of guns the gun-grabbers and main-stream media are trying to eliminate.  In order to get the public behind them, they are lying to people by trying to blur the line between semi-automatic weapons and fully-automatic weapons.  STOP IT!!  If you have to knowingly lie to convince people to support your cause, then maybe your cause is wrong!!

Have your cake and eat it too?

Why do people say this?  Have your cake and eat it too.  They say it to mean something that is not possible.  Don’t you have to have cake before you can eat it?  It seems to me that if you wan to eat cake, first you have to have it.  Maybe we should say “Save your cake and eat it too”.  That would make more sense.  Maybe it’s the consumption part that is confusing the issue.  Let’s try it with money.  Save your money and spend it too.  See, now that is not possible.  Have your money and spend it too.  How can you spend money if you don’t have it first?  Oh, wait…that’s not a good argument because that seems to be the only money congress knows how to spend!

No more gangs in Chicago!

Well, I’m glad to say that they have finally eradicated the gangs in Chicago.  How do I know this?  I watch the local news and read the papers.  There aren’t any mentions of gangs anymore.  We now have a GUN problem.  Isn’t that great?  People must be able to walk the streets safely now, because as anyone knows, guns aren’t going to shoot themselves.  I feel safer already!

Just as a side note: do Obama and the liberals have to pay for coverage like this, or is it a free service?