When will the media be held accountable?

I would have to guess that mainstream media finally got what it wanted.  A race war against police.  If you don’t think that is what they wanted, either you have not been paying attention, or you are dangerously naive.  What has been the lead to too many stories lately?  WHITE police officer shoots BLACK altar boy.  Or WHITE police officer shoots harmless black child.  Black lives matter!  If you dare to say “All lives matter”, you are chastised and pummeled by the media that says you are watering down the message.  Well, now a black man shot and killed an innocent white police officer while he was pumping gas.  Watching several news channels to get the story, all I heard was “Police officer shot at gas station”.  None of the news stations I watched even mentioned that it was a black man that did the shooting.  The only reason I know it was a black man is that one of the stations showed a picture of the assailant as he was being taken into custody.  Is race only important when black people are the victims?  Does the media feel responsible and are trying to hide the facts so it’s less obvious what they have initiated?  Unfortunately, I don’t think they are capable of feeling shame.  They are fully culpable in this incident and should be held accountable.  If they didn’t see this coming, they should have.