Drivers licenses for all my illegal friends

Illinois politicians must have a corner on the stupid market.  Now they want to allow all illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses.  Why?  Because they (the immigrants) want to “normalize”.  If they had a license, they could buy car insurance and everyone would benefit!  And why would they buy car insurance?  Because they want to “normalize”.  You know, like learn to speak English.  That’s why we have so many signs and telephone recordings in Spanish; because the immigrants want to “normalize”.  They would leap at the chance to pay money for car insurance, which they currently don’t have.  Wait, isn’t it ILLEGAL in Illinois to drive without insurance?  Oh, I forgot, they are already ILLEGAL just by being here.  So I’m sure they will just rush out and buy car insurance  because they want to do the right thing.  Adios for now.

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