I really don’t understand the whole Ferguson thing

Ok – I know I can  be sarcastic, but seriously, I don’t understand anything about Ferguson.  I realize people rioted because an unarmed black man was shot by a white police officer.  But is this the example they want to stand behind?  He wrested the officer for his gun and punched him in the face twice.  Then he charged him.  Does anyone think that the police officer wasn’t justified in shooting his attacker?  If you don’t think he was justified, exactly what do you think police should do in this situation?  Run? Hide?  Turn the other cheek?  I mean, really, what was he supposed to do?  Police are there to enforce the law – not to be attacked.  Are criminals supposed to be allowed to do anything they want without fear of reprisal?  Even from the police?  I wouldn’t suggest this strategy if you are interested in living in a world with relative safety.

I also don’t understand the looting and burning.  What is this supposed to accomplish?  Do the rioters think this will gain them sympathy?  What did the store owners do that their place of business deserved to be burned or looted?  Were they involved in the shooting?  Did they cheer the police officer when the man was shot?  I just don’t get it.  Are these people trying to draw attention to a cause or to themselves?  None of this makes sense to me.

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