Sign me up for the revolution!

Ok – I have officially had it with the idiots running this country.  We need to put a stop to the idiocy right NOW!  My wife and I have spent our entire lives working and doing without a lot of things so we could live in a modest home in the suburbs.  We paid our bills on time and lived within our means.  On the radio today, I heard about something I was totally unaware of.  They are called Super Vouchers and they are passed out by the Chicago Housing Authority.

These Super Vouchers will allow 4 lucky low income residents to live at 500 N. Lake Shore drive.  These units are the second most expensive in the city, with one-bedroom apartment rents approaching $3,000 dollars a month!  These aren’t the only people benefiting from super vouchers either.  The CHA has approved 706 super vouchers since this program began.

I am so sick of hearing Democrats cry about how they need to raise taxes because poor people will starve, or be homeless, or go without education if we don’t increase taxes to help them.  They NEVER think about cutting taxes.  Now they have the gall to provide luxury apartments to poor people?  We have to pay more taxes so poor people can live better than the average tax paying person?

I am absolutely fed up with this lunacy.  If the government can’t think of anything better to do with tax money, then we need to rethink the entire tax system.  One of the basic concepts behind the founding of this country was no taxation without representation.  Did anyone ask you if you minded that they take your money so poor people could live better than you do? When did you agree to this?  When did I agree to this?   We need to get mad!  We need to take a stand and tell politicians to knock it off!  We need another revolution!

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