The Protector in Chief

While leaders across the globe are trying to protect their countries from the terrors of ISIS, our President raised his sites.  He can’t be bothered wasting his precious time on a JV squad of rowdy youngsters.  Here are a couple of quotes he delivered during his commencement speech at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

“Climate change increases the risk of instability and conflict.”  He then warned them and other branches of the military to begin to factor climate change into daily plans and operations.

“Climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security; an immediate risk to our national security.”

So, lift up your hearts.  While these other countries are spinning their wheels worried about being attacked by some overheated miscreants, our glorious leader is going after the real threat: Global Warming.

Don’t you feel safer already?

Who needs the First Amendment?

Apparently, not the FCC.

The FCC says it wants to examine “the process by which stories are selected,” as well as “perceived station bias” and “perceived responsiveness to underserved populations.”  The commission “plans to ask station managers, news directors, journalists, television anchors and on-air reporters to tell the government about their ‘news philosophy’ and how the station ensures that the community gets critical information.”

I guess the question now is, do you trust the FCC?  Do you trust any government agency under the Obama White House?  How about the IRS? They wouldn’t single out Republican organizations to audit, would they?  Oops, they already did that.  Now the FCC wants to examine news rooms?  Really?  Isn’t the administration getting enough favorable coverage?  I guess if the government can control the media, they won’t have to put up with ANY unfavorable coverage.  I suppose next they will want to put filters on Google searches.  Does any of this sound familiar? It does to me; just not in America.


Attorney General is now above the law.

What, exactly, does this administration stand for?  It is certainly not the rule of law.  It is certainly not the truth.  We know what they don’t stand for.  They don’t stand for or approve of conservatives.  If you don’t believe me, ask the IRS.  That, however, is a different topic.  The topic I am now concerned with is honesty and the law.  Eric Holder is the United States Attorney General.  That means he is the head of the US Dept. of Justice and the chief law enforcement officer of the United States.  Sounds important, right?  It is.  But now, this chief law enforcement officer got up before a Congressional Hearing and swore under oath that he had never been involved with a potential prosecution of the press.  Oops!  Days later is was revealed that he signed the search warrant application calling Fox News journalist James Rosen a probable co-conspirator in a leak investigation.

Heavy stuff, right?  Unbelievable, right?  Nope.  The justice department just came out with a response saying Holder didn’t commit perjury.  Well, I guess if the guy who runs the show can lie, why can’t the people who work for him?

Back to my question.  What does this administration stand for?  Every day that Holder remains in office is proof that they are not concerned with honesty or the law.