Another senseless shooting, another Obama mouthful

First of all, my thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims, friends and families of those people in Oregon who have had to suffer another awful shooting.

I (for some unknown reason) listened to Obama’s speech about the shooting.  He had the nerve to suggest that when we go to the polls we should ensure our elected officials reflect our views?  I fully believe that we should, but I can’t believe Obama has the gall to say it.  Does he remember Obamacare?  How many people wanted that?  Nobody but the politicians, that’s who.  Did he have a nice stirring speech at that time to tell everyone to vote out anyone who supported Obamacare?  Of course not, because this idiot talks out of both sides of his mouth.  The only time this vindictive little bully wants to hold people accountable is when they are doing something he doesn’t like.

Instead of handing out free Obamaphones, maybe he should be passing out free Obamaguns to every citizen so that when some maniac starts shooting, everyone can pull out their Obamaguns and fill him full of lead.

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