Dads are usually thought of as these mythical beings that can fix or do anything.  It seems that there is nothing beyond their ability.  Then, one day, you become a Dad yourself.  That is when you discover the big secret about Dads. There is no book, no manual, no instruction sheet that covers all the situations you are going to have to deal with.  There is only past experiences and common sense.  Things that you swore when you were growing up you would never do to your children…things you swore you would always do.  Then you work all day, come home tired, and are faced with children that don’t understand how tired you are.  They want you to play, or read a book, or do something; anything with them.  Or they misbehave, and you have to decide whether a punishment is deserved, or required.  There is no right answer; only the best answer you can come up with at the time.  And then you pray you are making the right decision, or at least the decision that will do the most good, or the least harm.  And then you realize your Dad went through the same struggles, the same need to come up with answers in a test that has no solutions.  The same need to deal with demanding children when he was tired, or sore.  It is a realization that brings new respect and admiration for all the times he played with you, or read to you, when what he really wanted was to just sit down and relax.

As I said, there are no right answers.  Only answers that you know you will have to live with the rest of your life.

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