There are some words I like because they are just cool sounding words.  There are some I like because of what they mean, their definition.  One word I like for both reasons is homunculus.  It just sounds cool.  It means a tiny fully formed human.  Some people used to think that a homunculus was involved in conception.  Instead of sperm, a homunculus was injected into the female and just got bigger during pregnancy.  I am assuming they thought they were VERY tiny, or considerable screaming would have ensued.  But my question is this: what is the phrase to express my enjoyment of the definition of a word?  I enjoy it definitionaly?  Nope, not a word.  You would think it would be definitively, but that word is already taken.  Someone should have asked around before just grabbing a good word like definitively and then using it wrong.  I would petition to have it changed, but I think the costs involved in changing all the dictionaries would  be prohibitive.

Speaking about badly defined words, what about figuratively?  I enjoy that woman figuratively?  See what I mean?  Someone has been taking all these good words and screwing them up!

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