Divide and Conquer

I have to hand it to the dems.  They ran their campaign with a divide and conquer strategy, and it paid off.  They got people to blame all their problems on other groups of people.  Then the government blames all their problems on an administration that has been out of office for 4 years.  Obama says he didn’t realize how bad things were.  I suppose that is because he was living in a cave during the Bush years.  Wasn’t he a Senator?  Shouldn’t he have had some clue as to the status of the economy?  Or was he too busy voting “present” to pay attention to what was going on around him?

The only problem with approaching a campaign as a war to be won is that the thing you are dividing is a country, and the people you are going to war with are the people you are going to have to negotiate with after the election.  Hopefully the divide and conquer strategy didn’t end up being a scorch and burn campaign.

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