Rahm’s proposal fails

Mayor Rahm’s proposal to impose tougher penalties for illegal gun possession failed on a surprise procedural move the other day.  The reason?  Rep. Ken Dunkin requested information on how much the proposal would cost taxpayers. REALLY?  When did anyone ever ask that question in Chicago?

Later, lawmakers expressed concerns that increased jail time instead of rehabilitation would not be the best answer for the community. Hmmm.  The police chief said recently that guns are driving the crime in Chicago.  Let’s think about that.  Guns are driving the crime.  That is exactly like saying that cars are driving the drunk driving accidents.  Why don’t they complain about cars?  Why don’t they demand laws to limit car possession?  Because they don’t want us to peek behind the cloud of nonsense they are spouting to look at the real cause.  CRIMINALS.  Now, they don’t think increased punishment is the answer.  Maybe if Rahm had offered to keep the guns locked up longer, it would have passed.

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