The IRS is your friend – as long as you’re a Democrat!

Ok – how stupid do these people think we are.  The acting IRS commissioner, Steven Miller testified that while people in his agency were singling out conservative organizations for investigations, they weren’t politically motivated.  Really?  Does he expect anyone to believe that?  They were singling out CONSERVATIVE organizations, but they WERE NOT politically motivated?  Do these people think they can just say anything they want and because the words fall from their blessed lips everyone will believe it?  Or do they just think everyone in the world except them are brain dead?  OK.  They got caught doing something wrong.  Then they admit it.  Why do they have to go that extra step to say something so condescendingly outrageous?

By the way, where was the president during all this?  He didn’t have any knowledge that this was going on.  It seems to me he doesn’t have any knowledge of anything that’s going on.  Isn’t that his job?