Television in the 21st century

I just saw a blurb on a news site that mentioned over 50% of people watching some form of pay tv now record their shows on a dvr.  I did not see what percentage of the total population that is, but it must be a fairly significant number.  At least significant enough to spend a little money and thought on making the experience better.  I am one of those people who watches shows through a dvr so I can skip commercials.  I know, I know, the television people hate me.  But hey, I PAY to watch tv.  Now they want me to watch commercials?  Anyway, I can’t tell you how many times I have set my dvr to record a show only to find it missed either all, or most of the show because something delayed the start of my show.  It may be asking a lot, but can’t they encode the name of the show at the start and end of the broadcast?  Or maybe, if a show is scheduled to start at 8:00 but is delayed, then at 8:00 on that channel, encode a non-visible message that only a dvr would understand stating the new delayed start time of the show.  That way, dvrs could be programmed to watch for these hidden signals and begin and end when the show starts and stops; not at some mythical time that the show is SUPPOSED to start.  I can’t be the only one who thought of this.  If I am, please note the date and time of this message so I can collect some money when someone steals my idea.  Come on now, if they can figure out how to copy files between phones by tapping them together, then this should be a piece of cake.

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