What did they expect?

Two police officers were attacked and beaten by seven people on the Brooklyn Bridge.  Two other officers were assassinated in their cars in New York.  I guess it is now open season on the police.  Did anyone NOT see this coming?  When the liberal press and politicians continue talking about police like they are the enemy, what did they think was going to happen?  When people are shouted down for being racist when they display signs that say ALL lives matter, or BLUE lives matter, what did people think would be the result?  This is all meant to be divisive.  If this was a movement meant to bring people together, the slogan would have started out as ALL lives matter.  It didn’t.  The slogan was BLACK lives matter.  How inclusive does this sound?  We are now seeing the results of their actions.  Anyone who condones this slogan or these marches aren’t trying to bring people together.  They are trying to sow discord.  If they deny it, they are either lying to you or to themselves.

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