Who speaks for New Albany?

The Jackie Robinson little league team had their championship stripped because they were caught padding their team with players from outside their approved zone.  They also had all their regional titles taken away.  Now all the public figures in Chicago are crying that the children did nothing wrong and they should keep their championships.  Their argument is that the adults cheated, not the kids, so the kids should not be punished.  Ok, I get it.  The kids didn’t do anything wrong.  Neither did the kids from the New Albany Little League team in Southern Indiana.  All they did was get beat by a team filled with ringers for the Great Lakes Championship game.  That was the end of their run.  They didn’t get to go to Williamsport, Pennsylvania to play for the National title.  The Jackie Robinson team got to do that.  Everyone in Chicago is crying out for justice for the children who did nothing wrong.  The only problem is, they are demanding justice for the wrong team.

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